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    I have a chicken hutch built for my pair of bantam silver spangled hamburgs. There was an old baby bed in the basement left by the previous owners. I decided that I could convert it into a hutch. I used left over lumber and left over chicken wire. (I know everyone hates chicken wire, but these chickens are in a fenced-in back yard in town, so the wire is to keep the chickens in, not too worried about keeping preditors out.) I used the sides of the bed as part of a door and roost for another coop I built, but they would have worked as part of this hutch as well,
    The drop side baby beds have all been recalled and are unsafe for infants, so I thought that making a coop would be a great way to recycle an unusable and dangerous piece of furniture.
    I raised the crib ends by about 2 feet with 2x4s, then painted it with left over paint (I didn't want it to really look like a crib).
    Daycare centers and churches, etc. might be needing to replace these recalled cribs and might give them away or sell them cheap.
    This hutch cost me $0. I even got a broken tricylce that was left on the curb for trash to take the back wheels and make the hutch into a tractor.

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    WOW! Very nice and a great way to recycle!
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    Very, very cool!!! [​IMG]

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