Baby Crickets :)/Our RUNT?


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Apr 30, 2011
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My wife and I just had an awesome moment of laughing our heads off....We just fed our five to six week old girls, (still in the brooder) baby crickets for the first time. THEY WENT NUTS!!!
They were very nervous at first, but soon warmed up to them...Then it was on! One would pick up a cricket in its beak, and run around (like a chicken with its...nevermind) with the others chasing her. It was SO funny!
We eventually started feeding them baby crickets by hand.
This was our highlight so far of our chick raising experience...

All that being said...We still have one little lady that is SO much smaller than the rest. I am wondering if she is a RUNT, or just a week or two behind the others.
BACKSTORY...We bought all six of our chicks from our local feed store. Come to find out that they get chicks every week to two weeks. theory, this "little" lady COULD be a week or two younger than the rest (which all seem to be progressing at the same rate).

Should I be concerned? When we had our above "cricket fun"...She was the only one who wouldnt join in the fun. She would just look at the crickets.

Hoping all is right in my chicken world...



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Mar 25, 2011
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U could have a runt. I have 2 runts. One is a light brahma and one is a blue silkie. I am sure they r the same age as their sisters and so I know that they r runts. I just make sure that I keep a watch on them that they r drinking and eating and pooping and all that fun stuff. I give my 2 runts extra eggs for protein to help them and even some poly visol (w/o iron) to help them grow. The brahma has caught up some to her sisters. The blue silkie just looks like a little ball of fuzz still. SHe runs around and acts crazy like the rest of the chickens. I would try to give ur girlie extra protein and maybe some vitamins. The vitamins r people vitamins (baby ones, I think) just make sure u get the ones that DON'T have iron. If she catches up a little bit in size she was a runt...if not, might b a week or two younger. Good luck! Can we see some pics??


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May 17, 2011
She could be a runt. Keep an eye on her. I had a runt that ended up with malnutrition. Make sure she's eating and drinking good. I had to put my runt on scrambled eggs for two weeks, now she's just as healthy as the other one (I only have two).
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