Baby Doves have fallen from their nest, feeding tips anyone?

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  1. A few days ago three baby doves tried to fly falling 30 feet to the ground. By the time I found them they had been in the heat for several hours. One died from the heat, one tried to climb the tree it fell from, and one was hiding under a 4-wheeler for shade. The nest was to high to get to, and momma was no where to be found

    The are fully feathered, but still have some of their baby down friz poking through the feathering. I tried feeding them a moist combination of chick feed, they refused. I tried ensure, they refused. I put the chick feed and fresh water in brooding box I have for chicks. I poked the beaks into the water, then into the chick feed.

    I later found them eating, thank goodness, I was about to have to feed with a syringe. Now three days later they eat from the feeder and drink from the fountain.

    Is their anything I need to do that I haven't, or should I change something I am doing.

    I am not a dove or pigeon person, but I can not let a defenseless chick die from heat and the elements either.....

    Any input would be appreciated
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    Apr 3, 2014
    Sounds like you have it pretty well covered. If you don't want to keep them forever then I'd look for a sanctuary or something.

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