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    Jul 16, 2008
    So my last little compost incubated egg has hatched and the little one has a foot problem. This is much more severe than the other one had. The other one's straightened out in a day with no help but this one will have problems. On the middle and outer toe the toes are bent inward like an arch in the middle of the toe which causes the foot to draw up and crumple inwards. Also his ankle is turned out slightly.

    Now I've taped the foot to a piece of cardboard to try and see if we can get those toes to straighten on their own accord so that his foot will be flat. He can stand with his boot on and can walk a bit but he's clumsy and stumbles around.

    The ankle is another issue. It turns outward. So lets say if you take your hand and it's the duck foot and you put all your fingers touching and then turn your wrist to the side with the side of your pinky touching the desk. That is what his foot looks like when he stands on it without the boot. Now I've flattened his foot out so the toes are splayed but the ankle is still turned outward and it makes his foot want to roll.

    So now I need an idea how I can stabilize his ankle and keep it from turning outward. I want to do this as soon as possible while his bones are malleable and I can work with them and not break him.

    Suggestions anyone?
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    Popcycle sticks. Make splint and see if that helps.

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