Baby duck nearly drowned~ may get chill.

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  1. Hi all, I went out to check on them today and 1 was missing, I found her stuck under the bridge that goes into the baby pool.
    She was shivering and very cold and wet.
    I bought her inside and blowdried very gently to dry her off.
    She is still shivering a tiny bit but not like before, she is now under the red lamp in a man made feather nest, she is only 3 days old. I have a mirror in there and food and water and a small fluffy teddy.
    She cheeps just just like a new puppy yaps when he first comes home.
    Im tempted to keep her as a pet, mumma duck doesnt even know shes gone!!! I need to keep her inside tonite anyway so ill see how I go and wether i get any sleep with the cheeping.
    Any hints???????please!!!!
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    Oct 24, 2007
    I would take the water pan out and only let them have the water they drink from, it sounds like ducklings are with momma, so they will get some oils on them from momma, but they dont have enough to keep the water from rolling off of them and will get water logged.

    In the Dave Holderread book he says:
    "Reviving Waterlogged Ducklings: If you raise ducks there's a good chance that you'll have atleast one case of ducklings becoming soaked. In this condition, the little ones chill and quickly lose mobility. However, they can often be revived if you take immediate action, even when there is scarcely any movement left in there bodies.
    The first step is to rub down the waterlogged birds with a soft cloth. Then put them in a warm (90* to 95*F.) place such as under a brooder or heat lamp, being carful not to overheat them.
    Ocve they are up and around, provide feed and lukewarm drinking water. Keep the ducklings isolated until you are sure they have regained sufficient strength to be returned to there broodmates."

    Your bird was not to this point of hardly any movement but maybe some of this will help you with your next procedures with the duckling, try the warm water to help warm her up a bit inside, I always rub them keep there blood moving etc when I find chicks cold etc. I have saved a few this year who lost momma and got to cold and almost dead. I just recently lost one, the first one this year. [​IMG]

    Good luck with your little duckling, when if you do choose to return with momma, do it at night when mom has snuggled into the nest with the others. Make sure to check first thing in the AM to make sure mom excepted her, I am sure she will do good.
  3. Thankyou so much for that info, I will keep that in my emergency file.
    Well, she got better very quickly though soaked but then she dried really well, she got snuggled by my son and I and then DH started stressing out about the noise!
    So I reluctantly returned her to mum and she was accepted back straight away, however momma duck didnt know what to think of the purple spot that I painted on her tail!!
    Purple wound spray for animals! I thought Id paint her so i could tell which one she was! Anyway all is well now, its really hot outside now even at night, I went out with a torch and the duckliings were in their nest all snuggled up whilst mumma sat about 1 foot away protecting them.
    I hope Ive done the right thing, I was so tempted to adopt her hoping for a pet duck, But it is so easy just to return her to mum and let her do the work.
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    Oct 24, 2007
    Glad the duckling made it!
  5. Thanks Terras, I only saw your reply after I put her out with mumma, sorry.
    She survived outside with mumma and her siblings and all is well. She looked so weak and wet and cold at first but after she dried off and was fed and watered she thrived again.
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    Im so glad to see your duckling made it fine! They sure can bounce back....with good lovin from a "foster momma" You did great! congrats!
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    very sweet. probably best to let mom try to finish things up. you did a great job.
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    Should that ever happen again, or if you ever have need to raise one that has been abandoned or otherwise, warm it being careful to not get it too warm, then put it in a box with a heating pad on low with a towel on top of the heating pad. Take chick starter, laying mash or any type of fine chicken feed, add water until it is soft and all plumped up and just set it in the box. The duckling or chick will feed from there With chicks you don't need to water it down, just place some on the towel and they'll peck and feed from there. Then move them on to a dish of chick starter. with water on the side. Ducklings will do fine with the slurry of mash and water. Just be sure to add enough water to be a very loose slurry. They are messy as they dip their bills and shake them. I've raised many that way. Just revive them with warmth first.
    Guineas are raised as chickens but they need a very fine feed so I take the chick starter and run it through the blender to make it very fine. Also water must be warm. If they chill they die
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