Baby duck with Crazy Feet

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by marmar6, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. marmar6

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    Dec 1, 2016
    I have four baby ducks that hatched on Nov. 25. One of the ducks was born with both feet having problems. His right foot seems to be stuck or locked in a straight position behind him. His left foot is stuck or locked in a position tuck up underneath him. This doesn't seem to stop him from getting around but it does seem to prevent him from other tasks like cleaning himself off after getting wet or getting himself out of the water dish on his own. Just wondering if anyone else have experienced any problems like this before or of any suggestions on how to care for him. He doesn't seem to be well like by the other ducks, they often cuddle together without him so I assume he is going need a home that will be able to attend his needs. If anyone has any information about this it would be greatly appreciated.[​IMG]
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    We have a thread on here called ducks with special needs you may find help on there...... also adding brewers yeast is good for duckling you can try finding info on this site about it.......hope that helps
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    May 6, 2014
    It sounds like it's deformed, definitely add some Niacin to it's food and/or water [​IMG]. Also try looking at older threads about deformed ducklings and see if you can find anything.

    I wish you and your little duckling luck!
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    Jul 26, 2014
    It may be too late to fix now, but this is a good page with information on how to fix leg/foot issues in young ducklings and chicks:

    In cases like yours, the legs/feet should be wrapped/hobbled/etc in the first couple days of life (before the bones/ligaments harden), so not sure you can do anything to fix it at this point, unfortunately. :/ I'm not sure how successful/humane it would be trying to fix them at 6 days old.

    Can you post pictures of your little one? There may be something you can still do to help it out a bit if we can see exactly what the problem is. Hobbling might still be ok, if it is appropriate for your little one's condition.
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  5. marmar6

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    Dec 1, 2016
  6. marmar6

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    Dec 1, 2016
    Thank you for all the information. I started giving him Niacin and I guess we'll just have to see if it works. I feel bad that it can not clean himself off after a bath and that his belly is always getting dirty from wobbling around. I had to separate him from the other ducks because they trample him. He is not alone though he has a roommate. Our Baby chick who was born a few days ago. Thank you again for all your help.

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