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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by doubleRranch, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Apr 12, 2012
    So we move to this beautiful lil 20 acre farm with a 1 acre pond. Everyone things I am now an aminal dumping grounds! So far I have gotten a squirril a turtle a beautiful chocloate lab (had 3 dogs already) 5 cats (all fixed!) and now 4 ducks. A photographer gets these ducks for easter photo shoots and dumps them a the pound when finished...horrible! Anyway I have them in my chicken tractor with a heat lamp. No worries, the chickens I bought...for eggs...and they are in a coop. So can I put these ducks on my pond and just let them be ducks? When? Do I still have to feed them everyday when they go to the pond? Do they need a house at the pond? Sleep on water? Ahhh, I am not quailfied to raise ducks yet, please help so these pooor lil guys have a chance! Thanks.
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    Any idea how old the ducklings are?

    If they do not have their feathers yet, you must not put them on the pond. Their baby feathers will soak up the water like a sponge, their body temperature will drop and they will drown.

    Ducks will be attacked by predators, so they need secure housing at night and they won't sleep on the pond. You can feed ducks twice a day, the rest of the time they will forage.

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    Oh! How Horrible! He probably does it with baby bunnies too! That makes me mad. If he has to get ducks for his pictures then he should take responsiblity for them and find them good homes when he is finished. Good for you for taking them in. I understand your problems with animals being dumped in the country. We have had several dogs dumped out by us, a kitten, and horses and donkeys. Good Luck with your new ducklings.
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    Thank you all so much for your kudos!! WOW a horse dumped?? Thats a crazy thought!! I am not sure how old these ducks are but the are growing super fast and have what look like long strings hanging from all over their lil bodies!! I am assuming their feathers coming in?? So is what I am understanding is because they dont have a duck Momma to teach them how to be duck, they cant just be ducks on a pond? How sad!
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    These are most likely domestic ducks, and they don't handle the wide open spaces quite as well, usually, as the wild types. They need help getting along and staying safe.


    Let us suggest to the photographer that wonderful pictures can be taken of marshmallow peeps, and they hold still for the camera.
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    Once they get their feathers in you should be able to ask around here to find out what you have. Right now with their baby fluff if they are the cute yellow fuzzy ones right now they are probably Pekins. Brownish with one stripe by the eye mallard, two stripes rouen. Those are the common feed store ducklings around here.

    They can just be ducks on their pond, but providing supplemental food and a safe place to sleep is a good idea. They're tough little guys and can hold up to most anything the weather throws at them, but they are no match for hungry critters.
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