Baby Finches being picked on by big Finches

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    I have two little ones that just hatched probably not more than a month ago for sure . . .they are just getting around flying good and being on their own. Last night I was getting them ready for bed and one of them has been picked bloody on his head and shoulder area. I took him out and cleaned it with a very weak benadine, and this morning (put him and his sibling who was also picked a little bit) in a small cage and he was drinking and looking better. I am at the office until 5, so hope that he is still doing better. Is there anything I can use to help that sore area? He is so tiny I am leery of using things I wouldn't hesitate to use on the other bigger animals. I think we are getting too crowded in the BIG cage, so going to have to do something.
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    Oct 18, 2010
    I would call a vet before putting anything else on him, but I would think a small it of polysporin wouldn't hurt him. If he's eating o.k, I'de just leave it and keep the wound clean. What kind of finches do you have?
    I kept finches years ago. I had a pair of pure white society finches, some strawberries and some owl finches. I had a pair of paradise wydah finches but the male died shortly after buying him, he only lasted about three months.
    I'm going to try raising them again. I'm building a glass showcase aviary 8' long and 3' deep. Hopefully that will be big enough to keep the paradise finches
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    He is better, and so is the sibling. I put them in their own little cage and just kept a close eye on them and they are doing great!! I have more hatching, so decided I better just get them out when they are ready to fly too. Here is a picture, but it is probably too dark to really see how they pile in this one nest. Same nest the babies came from.

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