Baby Girl is using the other nest boxes! YEA!!!

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    Okay, I know it is no big deal, but the first egg was laid outside, second egg inside in the corner.
    Eggs 3 - 15 have been laid in nest box #4, Sunday, she started in #4, was in there for about 30 min. She got out & walked around a bit, and did some very loud egg song. :lol:Then she went onto nest box #3 and laid her egg, next to the golf ball.

    This morning after taking my girls to school, I went to let the girls & guy out, and there was a egg in nest box #2, she took yesterday off.
    I changed all the bedding in the nest boxes on Sunday, when I saw Baby Girl had laid her egg at 4:30 pm, that is how I knew she would take yesterday off on egg laying. She usually lays her egg about 12:30 each day, the last time she took a day off, the next days egg was an 8:30 am egg, then back to the 12:30 pm egg laying the day after.

    She has still yet to inspire her 2 BR sisters to start laying, one is bigger than her & the other is slightly smaller. My BO are getting their red waddles & their combs are getting taller & more red. So we shall see if Halloween is the magic time for my others to start laying. [​IMG]

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