baby goat question?


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Aug 23, 2009
I have a little bottle fed baby goat i got a couple of days ago and hubby is having a fit about her inside saying shes to big either find away outside or get rid of her
he only wants small ones inside that can fit in a platic tote and not pee out of. Is there away to keep her outside and just go out every 4 hours and feed her? shes 10-12 days old.if i put straw in a dog house would it keep her warm?
Have you tried putting her in with the other female goats? Any chance of getting her a buddy and just having them in a pen outside together if it wouldn't work putting her in with the adult goats?

I don't have any experience with bottle feeding goats but have bottle fed plenty of alpaca crias. The alpaca crias are left outside with the rest of the herd. We just go back and forth to the barn to bottle feed.

I thought people bringing the kids in the house was more of a convenience for bottle feeding than a need unless there are extreme weather conditions. Then that would be a different story.
She can be outside...put straw or shavings down for her and make sure she can get out of rain, etc. Goats need a shelter. A dog house inside a pen would work as long as she can't jump up on the house and over and out of the fence. A little friend would be great - goats don't like to be alone. Are your female adults friendly to her at all? Did you buy her to add to your herd? Has she had a health check? I would hate for you to add her to your herd and have her trasmit something. Just a few things to consider...let us know what you decide.
never thought about a diaper.Would i have to cut out a whole for her tail? I dont have any female goats.Right knw i have 2 weathers that are 3 1/2 months old and a boar mix buck thats 3 months old. I got here to see the diffrance in females from the males and hopefully milk her later.
I don't cut a hole for the tail, but then I also don't leave them on all the time, just when they're out of the crate to play so they don't pee everywhere.
A neigbor down the street from me has a goat that live in a dog house they have her/him chain up with a collar and about 15 ft of chain be there since i move up here in the country for 3yrs now I first though it was a dog but not I seen it come out of thee coop it was a small goat

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