Baby goats and a ornery donkey


Mar 16, 2018
Hi, we are kidding right now and have three babies (2 mamas) and this is our first time doing this. We also have a donkey named JJ.
The first mama has been doing great with her kids, feeding, licking, etc. It also helps that she was a bottle baby so she is used to attention and humans.
The second mama, Blanche, is terrified of humans and does not seem to be terribly interested in her baby, doesn’t lick a lot or try to feed him. He tries to eat but not for a long amount of time. Currently, if the twins go near Blanche and her baby Blanche will head butt them quite viciously so we have been penning them away from each other. Blanches baby is pretty active when he’s not near his mom but it’s almost like she’s a helicopter mom and doesn’t let him play. Also, we think we may have to bottle feed him because we haven’t seen him eat a lot.
The other problem we have is the donkey. He tried to stomp one of the twins when they weren’t in the “nursery” and has been acting like a teenage boy on a strict diet of mtn. Dew and pop tarts. He hasn’t hurt anyone yet but I’m wondering if there’s a way to stop this behavior?
Does anyone have experience with any of these problems or have any tips? Like I said this is my first time kidding so I’m not totally sure what I’m doing 😂 thanks!


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Donkeys can be problematic around strange animals, and the kids are 'strange' to him. I would not let him anywhere near them if he were mine. How old are the kids?


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Headbutting the other kids is very normal. If Blanche's kid is alert and active, chances are he's getting enough milk. They don't actually drink very much at the beginning. Sounds like Blanche is protective and letting him feed so I wouldn't worry too much. I would only bottle feed him if she starts rejecting him start headbutting him away and won't let him feed).

I don't have donkeys but I have read stories of them killing lambs and goat kids. I'd keep him away from the goats.

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