Baby Gone Silent? Others Far Behind?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by FFAChickenFan, Feb 14, 2014.

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    May 18, 2013
    So recently my family and I let one of our hens go broody on a clutch of eggs just to experience the fun of home-grown chickens. we have a rooster, so why not use him?

    The day has come for our estimate of hatch day, and we're not quite sure what to expect. Candling of a few eggs here and there along the process has shown that the chicks ARE developing, and the mother sits on them quite diligently. However, we've having a bit of a scare today. Last night we candled an egg before bed to find plenty of veins, movement, a nice air cell etc. Today, when we let the hens out in the morning for food, mamma hen ran out with the rest of the flock for a food break. Feeling curious, we went to take a peek at the clutch and we were surprised to find a hatched chick in the middle of the nest, along with what appeared to be another pipped egg. We all got very excited, closed the coop door quickly, and checked back often during the day.

    However, since 11am we've yet to see or hear any more chicks. The hen has sat diligently on the nest, taking care to peck us when we get near, but we cant hear or see any sign of the original or any new chicks. Should we be concerned? This is the hen's first batch of chicks, and we're afraid she could have harmed the first chick, or not be taking proper care of the other eggs by getting up too often. Any advice?
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    your signature and your post contradict each other. hahahha what kind of hen is it ? if you seen veins today or last night, that one wasnt ready. did you put all the eggs under her at once or are these eggs she laid every day? and are you planning on taking the babies or let her rear them?
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    Were all the eggs placed under the broody the same day, so they would hatch all hatch within a day or two?
    Sometimes it takes 12-24 hours or more between internal pip and hatch.

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