baby goshawks.

I know BYC won't let you post pics until you have a certain number of posts to the forums... Maybe that's the problem? Not sure what the number of posts is but it's not very many... Hopefully you can figure it out cuz I'd love to see the pics
I'm trying to enter the Brinsea contest and they say I have to post a picture here of my babies. I'll try to keep writing and watch the reply area.
Neat, do you do falconry then? I'd love to get into that...seems like it takes time to get the proper permits and training though.
Yes I'm a falconer and propagator of Goshawks. I also have to male Harris's Hawks that I hunt with. It takes two years as an apprentice under a master falconer to be able to practice falconry. It's regulated by both the state and federal ppl. If your interested contact you state wildlife office and they can get you started but you'll have to talk the falconer into sponsoring you.
That's awesome! I did a but of glove work at the aviary I used to work at. We had one Harris, but she was by far the most aggressive of the raptors. She would actually fly around doors and corners to foot you. Never been around a goshawk up close though. That's just really, really neat. Do you send them after any particular game, or more whatever they happen to catch?
Were we live there are mainly rabbits so that's what we hunt but I'd love to go duck hunting with them. My Harris's boy is dog tame and very sweet. I have two and the other one is shy and hyper but they hunt well together. Every bird is different! They are eating well and molting right now. If this silly list would let me I'd show you a picture of my babies mother. She's beautiful!

Falconry has been practiced in the US for many, many years but it's not legal in all countries. I've been hunting with my hawks for 11 years now and breeding goshawks for six. I love it!
Sure hope you can post photos soon!

Another question for you. Do you allow your birds to imprint, and if not, how do you avoid it? I know for the bird shows they usually don't take in imprinted raptors, because they can be fearless and too aggressive around people. Is it the same in falconry?
We only breed imprints here. We don't have the room to let mom raise her own babies. Though we do give mom one chick to feed for about two weeks before they actually imprint. So she does get to care for a chick. The mom becomes very aggressive and territorial. Not to-wards me because I'm her mate. We only do artificial insemination with out birds because they are imprints. But if the babies are raised right they don't become aggressive and they don't scream. Most falconers want imprint goshawks because like you said they are fearless and will hunt most ever thing the falconer puts in front of them. Goshawks are so high strung and imprinting takes care of some of that.

Maybe I don't know how to embed a picture. Anyone willing to tell me how?

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