Baby Gosling is being attacked by my ducks

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Kimsfarm, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Kimsfarm

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    Sep 23, 2010
    My ducks are attacking the baby geese. They killed one before I realized that they would possibly do this. I locked up the last baby with the parents. It has been about three weeks and the baby is about the size of the ducks. I want to let them back on the lake but I am afraid. I need advice and want to know if anyone has ever experienced this problem.

    I am not sure if this is an issue but most of my female ducks are gone, I have 80% drakes now, could this be adding to the dynamic?

  2. Goosehaven

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    Apr 24, 2010
    I'm sorry about your baby goose. What is the age of your gosling now? Even though it is about the same size as your drakes now, your gosling can still get cornered by your them and they could injure it if left unattended. I recommend introducing them back with you present for awhile and see how everyone reacts. I wouldn't leave them unattended until you are sure they are getting along fairly well. That's what I have to do when I introduce my goslings to my adult geese. It takes awhile before the goslings can actually defend themselves. Good luck with whatever you decide to do [​IMG]
  3. Orange Ribbon

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    Apr 14, 2011
    I hate to hear that, Kimsfarm. That is the very thing I've been concerned about with my goslings and ducks. I'm just too afraid that the ducks might kill them. Matter of fact, I just realized today I really don't like my ducks and I'm getting rid of them. They aren't good for anything except making noise as far as I'm concerned. They won't let you near them, and they don't have any personality. I might try one for dinner pretty soon. If I like it the rest will follow suit. If not, look out Craigslist.

    As to your ducks being mostly drakes, I don't know if that makes a difference or not. But I would most definitely keep a close eye on them when they are together. Might be better to wait on letting them out on the lake until they are older. I personally wouldn't chance it.
  4. Alas

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    Mar 12, 2011
    Covington, LA
    I have 5 female and 1 male mallard. I have the opposite problem. My 2 month old gosling has gotten to where she pecks at them if they get in her way. Fortunately, the ducks can fly away from her. Just keep your gosling safe for a while longer and she'll give those ducks what for when she is out with them again.

  5. Kimsfarm

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    Sep 23, 2010
    Thanks everyone for your advice! I tried letting the (2) Mom's (there were two females laying eggs and taking turns sitting on the eggs) and (1) Dad out for awhile with the baby, they were having so much fun swimming and then the ducks came swimming over, mounted the was horrible! They were out a total of 30 min. when I had to jump in the water and save the baby again. Back they went in the pen for a later date! The baby is mostly feathered out so thought it would work. Oh well....I'll try again later! I am really surprised and am not liking the ducks very much right now....they are even breeding males with males..... [​IMG]
  6. Yetti

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    I had similar issues. my ducks are 10+ weeks old and the Goslings are just coming up on 5 weeks. at 2 weeks the ducks attacked a couple of them and I kept them separated. the ducks have a mean streak towards them. dunno why, they have come to respect the Goslings now that they are equal size at 5 weeks. the geese still get jumpy from time to time. but for the most part they handle the ducks fine now.
  7. beckschicks

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    May 23, 2011
    I have a pekin duck that is horrible about this when I introduce a new waterfowl. The best thing i have found is to remove the offending duck place him/her in an area where he can see everyone but cant get out. Leave locked up for at least 72 hours then let them back out. If he tries it again back in the box. It worked well for my duck anything is worth a try. Right now Im having guinea issues with my gander he is HUGE his head almost comes up to my knee standing beside him. If I squat down and he comes to give me a "hug" his head is lined up with mine. But my guinea's are chasing him and he is scared of them. [​IMG] All he has to do is turn on them they would run but he won't so I dont know how to take care of this issue. I will tell you this I dont tolerate animals that do serious damage to other animals I own. Those types go to freezer camp with me.

  8. Yetti

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    One of my Pekin's started in this morning right off. I was filling their pool after letting them out this morning the little pekin girl decided to start it. she put her head down and started towards the geese. they were minding their own business, the duck came at them and I cut her off. then I gave chase. as I followed I separated her from the pack and ran her all the way around the barn by herself. when she rejoined the group she was a bit flustered. I hope she learned from that run.
  9. 2dancingrats

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    Jun 17, 2009
    Bay City, Michigan
    Quote:I'm so sorry to hear about you troubles. When I added two young geese to my two goose-two runner duck flock last spring, my geese were more pleased with the babies than I can describe. However, my two drakes attacked the young geese relentlessly. Somtimes trying to mount them, and other, just trying to drive them away. We kept the ducks separated from the geese for months with occasional attempts at having them all together. Eventually, the ducks softened and accepted the geese who we now knew to be one male one female. Unfortunately, when egg season began this year our ducks let out after the young female again. They don't bother either of the ganders and are best buddies with our other goose. The newer goose went broody and we have to keep them locked away from her nest. If they have any chance of access to her, they will take it. My husband already wants to get rid of the ducks, so I know for sure they will be fired if they attack any goose hatchlings.[​IMG]

  10. DurhamDuck

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    Mar 26, 2011
    Durham, Connecticut
    Our ducks attacked our goslings too at first. We kept them near each other but separated for a week or so and then put them together and they were fine. They need to SAFELY get to know each other.
    If your goslings are small, try putting them in a small wire animal cage-we used a guinea pig cage. The wire keeps them safe yet they can all see each other and get used to each other.

    Good luck!

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