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    Apr 25, 2008
    intro: i was raised in RI, where my mom lived in the house i grew up in until this past sept. '07, when she passed away at 83. my oldest son & i inherited the house, but with both of us living in GA at the time, the house was fairly quiet once i adopted my mom's dachshund ~ other than a family member coming by regularly to check on things.

    in may, i was finally able to make it up there to go through the house w/my brother (who still lives in RI), & while we were there, it was obvious we had disturbed some large screeching bird, which we agreed to be a red tailed hawk; my sister-in-law discovered what she believed to be a nest way up high in one of the tall pines next to the garage.

    all pretty neat, considering my mom lived in a fairly suburban area; next door to a church, around the corner from the police/fire station, & directly across from the middle school complete w/track, football field, basketball & tennis courts . . . a fairly busy place during most of the year.

    well, my son, his wife, & their 2 little girls (ages 7 & 8), moved up to the house at the end of june, & it wasn't long b4 i received an e-mail from him, saying 'check out what we found in the back yard today! it's just a baby', complete with this pic:


    needless to say, i was astounded.

    & a little concerned ~ their dog is mostly bulldog; very good with people, but not so much other animals.


    when i enquired if she had seen the bird, he told me she was the one who found it; he was letting her out the back door & the hawk was only about 5 ft. away . . . yipes! the bird started to run, the dog began to pursue . . . until the young hawk turned around, faced the dog, spread out its wings & tailfeathers . . . at which point the dog dropped chase & went about her business, acting like there was no hawk in the yard ~ my son said she wouldn't even look in the birds direction ~ funny.

    i don't think the bird has set down in the yard since (that they know of anyway), but what an experience that must have been! my son said he was only about 2 ft. away for a couple of these shots . . .






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    Mar 13, 2008
    [​IMG] You know, I'm no professional but he looks mad in those last few pictures. My sister does work with rehabbing raptors they just got in a baby owl.
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    What a great experience for them all. Glad the dog thought twice about getting that bird.
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    Dec 21, 2007
    LOL u should raise him to protect ur chickens! [​IMG]
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    Jan 23, 2008
    I'm getting a falconry license !

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