"Baby" is limping

Aug 31, 2019
Hughes Wildlife Farm, MA
Noticed my Baby Wyandotte (5mo old named "Baby", she is still our smallest teenager) limping. I noticed from feeling her elbow, it's much larger than the other leg. She is still active as usual, but I wonder if one of my boys chased her and she sprained it or somthing. She doesn't care if I touch it or apply pressure, but she will stand on one legs and limp when walking.
Just wondering if I should seperate her till better, in my 2x3 dog crate (aka my hospital room) I dont want to freak her out. The boys seriously chase the girls for a quickie, all day. Or, since the chicks are using the run as their coop, I can put her in the coop alone and just close the biggie door to the run.
Can you post any pictures of her legs side by side? How many chickens do you have and how many cockerels or roosters? I would separate her in the dog crate, with food and water, but keep her with the other chickens, so that she will be forced to rest her leg. I would separate the roosters leaving only one with your hens. It can be very upsetting to have young cockerels running around trying to mate and irritating the hens. Usually one rooster is enough for 10 hens. When I was raising baby chicks, I had to thin out the cockerels by 4 months, or it would be chaos. Are some of your roosters young?
How does her ankle joint look? Is it or her foot swollen? You could try her in with the meatties, but if she has not been with them, they might injure her if they are not flockmates. She needs to be in a small area, so she does not overuse it. If a vet is a possibility, that would be helpful to get an xray to rule out a broken bone or hip problem.
Its literally just the knee joint.. Foot n leg look great. I do work at a vet hospital. So I can get xrays free. I just dont like to over use my privileges. Especially since a have a vet required older dog.
So i will seperate her, in her own coop mate area. Maybe some pain killer? She doesnt respond when I touch it though.
If not better so, I will have her xrays
Just got her started on meloxicam today.
Swelling has doubled. But she still doesnt flinch, when I touch, press, or bend it.
Still have her in isolation. (2×3 dog crate) in the coop so she can still be with her coop mates for some type of socialization.
Med is for 5 to 7 days BID depending on if swelling decreases.
Fingers crossed.
Got x-ray done today.. Swelling went down and she was walking for a few day (seemed fine) than I caught her limping again. The bum leg is on the left side of the screen, at the joint.. Doc will give me, his out look of what the problem is, tomorrow. Doesnt look good to me, in comparison to her other leg

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