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    May 17, 2015
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    ast night my family and I found a mama cat that had been hit, in the middle of the road. As we drove up we saw a very VERY small kitten next to her. It ran off when we parked but we were able to find it. We brought it home but I am now worrying. I had some kitten milk(left over from our baby rabbits we had to help feed) and he is drinking it from a bowl. He has his teeth and was able to run away from us so he's steady on his feet, Im assuming he's 4-5 weeks old.

    My concern is, his stomach is pretty big. It gets bigger when I feed him and has gone down before the next feeding, but is still big. My husband moved the mommy cat off the road and he's pretty sure she was dead for atleast the day (we found them at 9pm). I would like to try and help it myself before taking it the vet. Someone mentioned if he hadnt eaten in a day, it could be distended from hunger. Ive wiped its butt with a warm cloth but nothing has come out. Ive only had him for 18hrs and hes still pretty scared, pretty sure his Mama was a wild cat. If it is from hunger, if thats a possibility, how long till his stomach will go down? Am I correct in thinking he's 4-5 weeks old? Ive feed him twice today, its 3pm, and will feed him again tonight. Im just doing kitten milk for now until Im sure of his age and his bowel movements happen. Does that sound right?

    Thank you for the help!!
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    I really don't know anything about kittens. But I would take it to the vet when you can, and see what they say. Just for now try to get it to eat, and keep it calm.
    Can you post a pic? So we can determine age. Thankyou

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    Would be best to take him to a vet.

  4. Larson Chicks

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    May 17, 2015
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