Baby llama questions...Please advise

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    We have had llamas on our farm for about 10 years now but they have all been gelded males for gaurding our sheep. Well we went to the local auction and they had a mamma llama and baby they were going to separate. Well I thought the baby was too small and I couldn't bare seeing them separated. Long story short we now have 2 beautiful additions to our farm. (I've named the mamma Sophie and the baby I've named Emma) (I have also posted this on Back Yard Heards to but I thought I would post on both)

    1 - How old do you think the baby Emma is? She is still nursing but eating hay with mamma.
    2 - How long do they nurse?
    3 - Other than llama minerals and llama grain, does Sophie need any special feed or minerals?
    4 - I don't know when they were last vaccinated if ever, Do you think we should just give her vaccinations or both of them?
    5 - What else should I know?

    Sophie and Emma

    I think Emma is just adorable

    Sophie and Emma with their new friend Vinny the white llama
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    Sorry but I can't help. I'm still learning myself. I'm so glad that you kept mama and baby together. I hope you get your answers.
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    I don't know much about lhamas but I think she looks about weaning age 6 months...I think that horses. I know that lhama owners around here give bose/muci really concentrated so be careful/selenium to theirs. You have to get this from a vet. I believe once a year. I would call a vets office and ask your questions. What vaccinations they even need etc. You might be able to google some of your questions. Also you can check out the BYH forum (back yard herd site) a sister site to BYC.

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