Baby mini donkey!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey guys!! I just got a miniature baby donkey!!! His name is Jaspar, and he is five months old. I've never owned an equine before, although I do have goats, sheep, dogs, cats, pigs, etc . . .
    I know that you can't ride Mini donkeys, but, I am planning on driving him when he's older!!!
    One question I had was,
    What can I do with a baby donkey??? I have to teach him important things, like leading and things like that. But is there anything I can REALLY do with him, if you know what I mean?? Can I start ground driving him?? Can I hook a burlap bag around him and have him pull it . . . things like that?? What can I do to have bonding time between us? I'm already training him to lead, and he is SOOOO smart. I know he'll learn stuff really fast!
    Also, can you lunge donkeys? I know that they aren't really like horses, and they don't lunge as easily, but can I lunge him, and how would I do that??
    I'm so excited to learn more about equines and donkeys!!!

    (Here's a picture of him!!)

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    He's sooooooooo cute!!! I'm sorry, but I don't know much about donkeys and horses.
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    May 22, 2013
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    I wish I could get a donkey, but I don't have enough room. [​IMG]
  4. Jasper is so cute! I don't own any donkeys (yet) but have had horse(s) for 4-5 years. And you can NOT lounge a young equine. It can cause a lot of damage to their joints, avoid repetitive circles at all costs untill age 3 or older. But groundwork on straight lines is perfectly fine. Most training methods used wit horses will work on donkeys and mules. Cherry Hill is a great author an horse trainer, I highly recommend her books for some ideas. Theirs also books and online resources for teaching tricks and clicker training that would be fun. I don't get to ride my horse very often so I like taking her on walks. It would be fun and educational to just walk him around your neighborhood. Also this will teach him not to be frightened of new places and get used to the route you might take driving. I hope this helps :)
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    X2 on not lunging. Also, this is a donkey - never forget that. Mentally, this is waaaay different from a horse. For starters, a horse tends to run when,scared, a donkey tends to stand still. Donkeys have memories that put elephants to shame, so don't teach him anything that you may wish he would unlearn later, lol. Donkeys get bored with lessons easily, then they get creative. . . So once you think he knows something, don't just keep repeating it, or you may have a lot of unlearning for him to do.
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    I tried lunging one of my donkeys once, didn't work out, as donkeys freeze and refuse to move, where a horse moves away from a whip. Keep that in mind, donkeys need to want to do what you want them to do, and any abusive tactics, like whips, will make them shut down, think of them more like dogs and use kindness, they never forget and can be eager to please. He's very cute. Be careful feeding grains. Donkeys get fat easy and can founder.

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