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    Oct 11, 2016
    Please help! My son got two show quality silkies two days ago. They said they were 2 days old. Tonight, the dogs bumped the heat lamp and they got down to 80*. When we got home,one of them was laying on their back, chirping very loud and distressed. I have them warmed up, but she is so weak. I have made egg yolks for them, added electrolytes and probiotics to their water and rubbed the water along the sides of her beak. Is there anything else I can do for her? My son (11) is away for the night. I can not have his baby die. Please help. Right now they are side by side (there are 2) sleeping. The healthy one is on its belly while the weak one is on her side. [​IMG]
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    You've done about all you can. Good work.
    Keep a warm spot and cool space so they can choose how warm they want to be.

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