Baby peacock in distress!!! Please help!!!

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    Hello. We live on 7 acres in Delray Beach. It is not our land. Several dozen wild peafowl run free on the land. Peacock babies are many times eaten by predators. A peacock mom with 6 babies was down to 3, and of the 3 two were separated from the mother and were about to be eaten by outdoor cats. We saved these 2 babies and to our knowledge the mom still has 1 with her. We intend to release the two babies when they are big enough to survive outside on their own. We know they are not pets.

    In any case of the two, one is totally fine and the other is in distress. Since yesterday sometime it developed what may be "wry neck" and its beak is wide open while it is breathing.

    What should we do? The bird is safe and warm and dry but obviously not well.

    We have saved many birds and ducks previously as well as cats, possums, snakes, raccoons, turtles and many others.

    The sick bird had a mixed dry diet (actually mixed individual products by our own hands) of name brand "meatbird" 20% protein starter, cracked corn, some chicken scratch, baby bird yellow protein granules, which are combined and put into a feeder. They seemed to like it and ate a lot and made many poops that looked normal.

    Also they ate some avocado and star fruit as well as leafy green romaine lettuce and alfalfa sprouts.

    We gave this sick bird, this morning, scrambled egg with water and non-iron baby vitamin drops and also vitamin e capsule gel, all mixed and sucked into a syringe and gently fed into its beak on the top side of his tongue.

    Also some plain water.

    There has not been an improvement.

    What should we do? What should we look for?

    We do have some clindrops antibiotics (clindomycin) for cats and other animals.

    We would like to see this peacock baby have its chance at life.

    Thank you everyone! From Craig and emma

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    Mt first question is, have you provided grit to the chicks along with the food? It's easy to forget all about this important ingredient in feeding a rescued bird. This can lead to impacted crop, gizzard, and constipation.

    Which leads me to the second question, have you felt the chick's crop? If you feel a hard knot, you will need to treat for constipation. Administer a half a teaspoon of oil, preferably coconut oil since it's easy and safe to stuff into the chick's beak without danger of it getting into the airway.

    If the twisted neck persists, give the chick some vitamin E oil with a sliver of selenium each day until the condition clears up.

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