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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by LucyGoose13, May 19, 2016.

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    I have been reading several of your forum's already and have decided to join your group! I have been raising backyard chickens for a couple of years now and decided to add some ducks this year. We have 6 Pekin ducklings who we will have had for 6 weeks this Sunday. Last Friday, so almost a week ago one of the ducklings started to develop a leg problem. She stopped wanting to walk and move around much. I moved her to her own area so I could monitor her better. She could still walk some at the time but usually had her wings out to help her balance. From researching that I did it seemed to be a niacin deficiency. I believe the food they were eating was not good enough for them perhaps. I went to the local feed store first thing in the morning and they didn't have much to offer. I did get a different food made for all poultry chicks, they do not have food specially for ducks and vitamin and electrolyte mixer for water. Then on I went to try to find Niacin. I had no luck at the time finding any Niacin that was not flush free or time released. I did pick up brewers yeast and began adding that to her food. She does eat and drink but I have been hand feeding her.

    Last night her leg problem seemed to worsen. One leg seems to be better but one much worse. She doesn't want to really use one leg anymore, even when I have her swimming in the bathtub and her foot and leg area is now pretty swollen. I did run out again last night in search for regular Niacin anywhere and did find some. I started her on that last night. They are 100mg pills. How much of this pill should she be getting daily? Is there anything else that could be going on with her that I need to try? We have all really began to love this little gal, my dog Lucy included! I just hope we can still do something to help her, I appreciate anyone and everyone's thoughts and suggestions.

    Also, one thing I forgot her poop has been green some of the times...

    Thank YOU!!
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