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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by puredelite, Mar 14, 2011.

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    New shipment of Pekin ducklings at TSC. These are sold "straight-run". I plan on buying six of them but my luck all six of them would turn out to be drakes. Anyone know if there is anyway to possibly distinguish the difference between male and female at less than a week old? I know some can "vent-sex" but I wouldn't have a clue. Any help to my question?
  2. We just vent sexed 3 day old runners, tricky but do-able. We have 4 boys and 5 girls from our latest hatch! Give it a go! It is not as tricky as you think!
    Their little wee wee will pop out when you pull back the skin and bum feathers.
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    Quote:HAso the cat in ur avatar looks eggs-actly like one i just found... lol

    and vent sexing isn't as hard as a lot of people told me! (I watched like 5 youtube vids and looked up instructions... )the only bad thing is i didnt check mine untill i bought them... 3 girls to 8 males [​IMG]
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    HoglundH, Thank you for the xtra quick response! If I turn the duckling upside down with the tail-end facing me, do I pull the skin above or below the vent to make it's little whatya-ma-call-it stick out?
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    ksm123, I didn't even think about Youtube, they have everything so only natural that would include vent sexing. Thanks for the heads-up!!
  6. Quote:Metzer farm's website has a great way of vent sexing! You should check it out. [​IMG]
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    You should check with your TSC to make sure they won't mind you learning how to vent-sex on their stock. If you've never done it before you could possibly do an injury to someone. And while it's easier to identify the boys, sometimes it's difficult to be sure of the girls. You won't know if they really don't have something that's supposed to pop out, or if you just didn't invert them far enough.

    It is do-able. I had recently learned to vent-sex by practicing on a large batch of ducklings my poultry club got to sell at the Fair. There was another gal who knew what to do, and I learned alongside her. A few months later I was allowed to check the Pekins at my local feed store, and got the 2 females I wanted for my son.

    Another option is to order the minimum of 10 from a hatchery like McMurray. They will professionally sex them for you there. You should be able to find someone to take those extra 4. Or keep them for a while for spares, just in case...

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