Baby Polish Problem and Sneezing Chickens

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    Aug 26, 2014
    About a month and a half ago we had purchased 2 new baby chicks, a polish and a R.I.R. the polish wasn't breathing right through her nose and would breathe mostly though her mouth. she also sneezed a lot but she didn't seem sick. we took her back in exchange for another one, after a couple days the other one passed so we went back and got our original one. Our chicken lady knows her stuff and she told us other than having tiny nostrils she is healthy. and she is, she runs around, eats food, and is just friendly as can be. The R.I.R. sneezes too sometimes but she doesn't seem sick either.

    About 3 weeks ago I noticed our oldest chicken Dorothy (Rhode island red) sneezing, she likes to be out in the rain so we thought she caught something. after a week or so we noticed another chicken (Nibbles) sneezing a little. worried it might be contagious we searched the web and decided to get them on duramyacin. they have been on it for 5 days now and Nibbles has stopped sneezing but Dorothy, baby R.I.R. and baby polish are still sneezing. like I said the polish sneezed from day 1 so I'm not sure if that's just a normal thing for her. Baby R.I.R. only sneezes sometimes and Dorothy seems to be sneezing less but still sneezing none the less. She also does this thing where she opens her mouth wide, like she's trying to pop her ears. Should I keep them on the meds till they stop sneezing completely? I'm not sure what to do, the package says if you don't see improvement in 3 days to move on to something else but.. like I said I don't know.

    the baby polish has been having something going on with her face for the past few days. I saw her eye seemed irritated so I gave it a closer look and saw that she had hair (feathers) in her eye, that happened a few times then I decided to cut her hair, thinking that would stop it. she's still scratches her face by her eye then rubs the side she was scratching into her wing. her eye gets irritated and red from itching it. the other day it was the other eye today its her left eye. I don't know what's going on with her, it looks to me like allergies, because I often look the same way on any given day. can chickens have allergies? if not what could be the problem? any advice? please help!!

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