Baby Pot Bellied Piglets Advice Wanted

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    May 31, 2011
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    Today my mother went outside to check on all the animals and while checking on our mini potbellied pig Prudy my mother heard little squeaks. Much to hers and my surprise she had babies! This is a huge surprised and completely unexpected because when we got Miss Prudy we got her as a rescue from the SPCA and they assured us that she was spayed. Well that statement is completely out the window! She had 8 but we sadly lost 5 because of the cold and having absolutely no idea she was or even could be pregnant.... She had them in there little house which is warm but not set up to have babies in, especially in the dropping temperatures. We moved them all to our main barn in a middles stall. So now we have 3 cute little piglet girls snuggled with their mother in a warm stall full of straw :). So after hearing the little story behind the babies is there any advice from fellow BYC'ers about mini pot bellied pigs or baby pigs in general. I know basic care for animals and baby animals but every animal has their special needs or quarks and I am looking to learn and be as informed as I can. At the moment the babies are no more than a day old and are all healthy, alert and running about. The mother, Prudy, has completely accepted them and last checked had them snuggled up and asleep next to her. Her milk has not yet dropped so we are praying it drops very soon. Is there any thing to encourage her milk to drop? The babies are also away from their father even though he was doing a great job protecting and guarding them I want mama and babies to have alone time and be sure there is no possible aggression between mother, father, and babies. Hope to hear some advise! Thank you in advance! :)

    Pictures of two of the babies! Hoping to have more soon :)


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