Baby rabbits, cuteness overload! edited to add more pictures

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    These are some of my satin / mini lop crosses including a very cute little broken chinchilla girl whom will be staying in our breeding program. She is very friendly (unlike her mom) and has gained weight much quicker then the others so I hope she will be a good doe to add to breeding program. These where meant for meat bunnies but, they are way cute and 5 already have pet homes!
    Here they are, will add some more pictures later today

    two does

    my doe I'm keeping trying to get me to pick her up. Now I just need a good name for her

    my girl climbing on mommy, you can see the others are hiding in the grow box ( what I use once they are 3 weeks old keeps mom from pooping in there but gives them a place to hide. Our nest boxes are covered cat litter boxes so these give them more room once moved from the breeder cage and lets them get in and out easier)

    "Hey mom your in my way I can't see whats going on over there"

    more pictures:
    most of the litter

    individual snap shots of all but my keeper and the black and white doe

    Two pictures of daddy the buster
    In the last picture I swear hes saying " no more pictures or I'll jump!" I like the way it shows his color, harder to see when he is all set up the way they usually sit.

    Any ideas on a name for my keeper doe? Mom is Ninja (she is a ninja with those back legs when you are carrying her somewhere she doesn't want to go) dad is Buster.
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    [​IMG] Very cute bunnies!
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    What a cute little baby! She is adorable!

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