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    May 1, 2011
    i brought 5 hens apprently at 6 weeks old 4 weeks ago but since then 4 have developed bright red crests and keep fighting and are a lot bigger them the 5th chick they chest bump chase each other and fight a scratch each other not all the time tho is there a chance i have 4 roos and a hen they are auracana and marans is there a way to easliy sex these little beastys i spend lots of time with them but they still wont come close to me there buggers to catch in the evening to put away

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    You'd have to post a picture for gender guesses/identity. The bumping of chest is typical of chickens. We've two pullets that play pecking order each morning they're let out of their coop. The 11 week old cockerel runs up to each and every pullet to give a quick peck to show he's still top "dog" each morning.

    The comb difference your seeing may be the two types of combs perhaps? Auracana have pea comb don't they? Marans single comb.

    As for going to roost at dusk I don't know. It could be many things but usually it's they don't like the roost board in coop or the ladder to get into coop or your not waiting till dusk where they'd do it themselves or... If all looks well try tossing a handful of scratch in the coop so they walk into it themselves each night at dusk. They'll get the hang of it and using food as flock management and training is essential for less stress of trying to capture a chicken that doesn't want to be caught.
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    Jun 18, 2011
    I don't mean to offend in any way, it's just what I've experienced. But my hens refuse to sleep in their coop unless the roost area is absolutely spotless. They sleep in the tree next to the coop instead.

    Your hens could be snobs like mine!

    Did you lock them in the coop for the first few days so they know where 'home' is?
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    Sep 28, 2008
    that display of behavior is for both genders.... chest bumping etc...not exclusive to roosters.

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