baby roos... what happens in the future?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by somissemilyy, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Jun 5, 2010
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    Okay, so I have a RIR roo, & a BR roo. They are both about 2 weeks old tomorrow. I want them to grow up peacefully. LOL! Will they fight when they are older if they grew up together? I want them to be buddies.. will that happen?
  2. <3ChickenForever

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    Feb 20, 2011
    Quote:Ya, it can happen. To get my roo's tame... well it's better to do it when they are young. I just hold them all the time and when they grow up, they'll be tame [​IMG]
    my 3 roo's.... well I don't know if you'd say they're buddies, haha
  3. In my experience, one roo willl be dominant and the other will just have to deal. It was never a problem for me. I had 4 for a while but cut back because the hen ratio was off. I still keep 2. As long as the secondary roo accepts his place in the pecking order there should be few problems. I only had a fight/issue once and I think it looked far worse than it was. One roo ripped part of the other's comb. Head wounds bleed profusely and I thought he was going to die! It wasn't till I had him all washed off that I realized it was really just a small hole (pea sized at most!) and he recovered fine. No more fights after that.
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    I agree that one will always be more dominant, but that doesn't mean they can't still be buddies. As long as there are enough ladies to go around, im sure it will be fine.
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    I have 2 roos and they are father and son, dad is head of the coop so to speak, but they do manage to live together. the ratio that is suppose to work best is 1 roo. to every 10 hens.
  6. somissemilyy

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    Jun 5, 2010
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    Well I have two roos out of 16 chicks, so that is plenty hens. Also, will the roos know who their ladies are? For instance will they know the difference between their own kind. Like the BR roo, to the BR hens.. RIR roo to the RIR hens..?
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    Hi Emily! [​IMG]

    Some roosters can live together and some can't. You won't know until they are much older. As adults, they will probably never be "buddies". In fact they will probably fight until they agree who will be the boss of the yard. Once that had been determined they may be able to put up with one another. Sometimes the roosters are just too mean to one another and one has to be rehomed.

    The boss/dominant rooster will be in charge of the girls. The other roo will probably get chased away from them by the dominant one. This is natural behavior.

    To answer your last question, the chickens do not know about breeds. They just see each other as chickens so they will not stay in separate groups or families.

    I hope this helped answer your questions. [​IMG]
  8. somissemilyy

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    Jun 5, 2010
    Coldwater, MS
    Quote:Hola! I will have to see what happens here soon as they get older. Yes you did answer my questions. I will let my dad know what you said. I just hope nothing bad happens, I would love to keep both of them. But you never know.
    Thanks [​IMG]
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    Just a word of caution. If you see them fighting watch very close. One of my most disturbing chicken moments came when I went out one day and found one of my bantam roosters had been killed by another rooster. I had not seen them fighting but they were confined in a smaller pen since I have to confine them at night to prevent predation. Good luck though.
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    Quote:This is the situation I'm trying to have. I have a very nice BCM roo, but he's trying to cover 21 hens right now. [​IMG] Plus, I bought 5 pullet chicks so it will get even worse.

    I just hatched 4 BCM chicks and I'm hoping for 1 roo and 3 pullets. They are his chicks (I have one BCM hen) and I'm hoping to have his son (there MUST be at least 1 roo in the bunch) be 2nd in command and relieve Dad of a little flock duty. [​IMG]

    We'll see how it works out. I probably have 4 BCM pullets -- that would be my luck when I'm actually HOPING to have a roo! [​IMG]

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