baby rooster already bullying baby chicks?


Sep 21, 2020
Bergen County New Jersey
Hi There. We have 3 new babies. Two eggers and a plymouth rock. They are only 7-8 weeks old! I already see the one who we are pretty sure is a rooster chasing the baby girls around and pecking at them and just basically being a jerk. Is this normal at such a tiny age? Will it get worse or is he just establishing his position. They are still isolating from my hens but one of my hens is very meek and gets picked on my the other hens (I have to make sure she gets allowed to eat and drink every day) so 1) I will already have to separate them from my flock (look but don't touch) after the isolation period is over so I won't really be able to "pen" him since the only penned off area I have will be for all three til i introduce them into my flock. should I be worried or is he just a bratty kid??

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