Baby scratching ears...mama scratching


Sep 1, 2017
Grottoes, VA
I’ve got a broody with babies and brought her inside. She’s scratching and one of the babies keeps scratching the sides of her head/ears.

Since mama is warming chicks I haven’t given her a serious look over. I’m wondering if she could have lice or something?

I didn’t see anything on the chick.


Is ivermectin safe to use on mama with week olds/days olds?
Pull her feathers back and get a good look at the skin on her back, under her wings and around her vent. If she has mites you'll see them crawling on the skin. Though if she has a chick the last two might be a bit more difficult
What signs should I look for besides scratching?
Mite will be dark red or black dots moving through her feathers. Look around her head, part the feathers and look to the skin. Some people say you see them better at dark with a flashlight.

Lice will leave egg clusters on the base of feathers, usually around the vent. Look for white clumps.

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