Baby Silkie Chicks look young for 4 weeks?


6 Years
Aug 29, 2013
I am scared that they aren't growing well and I want your opinion. I have been feeding them quinoa, ground flaxseed, cornmeal, Oats, and grit mixed together for there feed? I really wanna know if they are doing alright? Here is a few pics:
Do you have chick starter feed and a feeder for the chicks? I'm not sure but I think that feeding your silkies quinoa, ground flaxseed, cornmeal, Oats, and grit might not have enough nutrients which could be why your chicks are still a bit young for 4 weeks.
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I don't have any chick starter but i do have a chick feeder. I was thinking that maybe they arent getting enough protein but quinoa and flaxseed is suppose to have a very large amount of protein. I had stopped putting vitamins in there water at about 2 1/2 weeks but yesterday I started putting them back in. They seem really active and eat a huge amount of the feed I make them.
They look fine to me :) As an ornamental breed, Silkies take a little longer to grow than a production or meat breed. Mine usually feather out somewhere around 8-9 weeks, as opposed to the 5-6 week mark, which seems to be normal for most production type birds.

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