11 Years
Apr 5, 2008
I am hosting my first contest so I hope it turns out great. All pictures are due April 11. All silkie babies are welcome so come on and enter. Their will be Best of Show, first,second, and third runner ups. They do not have to be pure breed they can be mutts for all I care. They just have to be adorable. Please include their name. So what are you waiting for come on and enter. You can enter up to three chicks. There will be no prizes this go around but next time yes I just need to get the feel of it first.
this is my Perwinkle.
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Well, I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, don't you. Here is one of my adult silkies, Topper, as a youngster. Gotta love that hairdo! She is a full grown hen now and is sitting on her first eggs!



PS. How many can we enter?
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You can enter up to three thanks for pointing that out for me. You are right about Topper he is one cute chick. I love the top its adorable.
Why cant you find any silkies their such a popular breed they should be easy to find.
I only want 3 and so can't order from a hatchery due to min. requirements and so far no luck at local area feed stores, tractor supply, etc. I have an email pending from someone out in kansas for a few that were posted on craiglist.

Edit to Add: I'm new at chickens and have nvr ordered them through the mail. Didn't even know you could till I found this website, lol.
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I have had trouble with that before too. Sorry you cant find any keep trying. You should start your own silkie contest.

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