Baby Silkie died unexpectedly

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by soccrkep1, Nov 11, 2015.

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    Jul 30, 2014

    I have only had ducks/chickens for a little over a year, so I was wondering if I could get input from those more experienced.

    Last Friday, I got 2 silkies from a local chicken breeder. She is supposed to be very reputable. People in our chicken group get babies from her all the time. They were 2 weeks old. She had them on medicated feed. I put them on an organic, non-GMO chick feed. Saturday morning, there was bloody stool in the box, on the pine shavings. Sunday morning, it was better, but still a bit. I went to the feed store and got medicated feed, in case it was coccidia. It appeared to only be the bigger of the two chicks.

    They continued eating and drinking, and scratching at their food, chirping, etc. The blood lessened in a couple of days and went away entirely. This morning, they were fine. When I got home from work, the bigger one was dead. In hindsight, when I was holding her last night, she was closing her eyes a lot. I thought she was just sleepy, but obviously, I was wrong. Also in hindsight, they didn't eat much overnight like they usually do.

    My question is two-part. First, what did I do wrong? Or what could it have been, do you think? I am a huge animal lover, so not knowing is really bothering me. And of course, I want the other chick to be healthy and I don't want a repeat of this in the future with other babies. Is there something that would explain her death?

    Secondly, what should I do with the second chick. I feel bad that she's now all by herself. I have two 6 month old chickens I could introduce her to, BUT, what if it is coccidia? I don't want it to spread to my ducks and chickens. She seems completely healthy, is eating, stool is fine, but should I take that risk? Any advice on how to proceed?
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    The 6 month olds will likely brutalize a 2 week old silkie.
    Coccidia is everywhere so your older birds have already been exposed.
    That could have been what killed it. Medicated feed will usually protect them but if they get coccidiosis, the coccidiostat in the feed isn't usually strong enough to cure it. They need full doses of amprolium/corid.
    Sometimes chickens just don't thrive.
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    Aug 23, 2015
    I am very sorry. Sometimes chicks just don't make it, no matter how hard you try.

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