Baby silkie with cut on his head! Emergency!!! Very Graphic

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    Our white silkie has a large open cut on the back of his head/neck, We believe one of the roosters may have tried to mount him because he has smaller cuts on both his wings and his back.

    We stitched the cut on his head and he occasionally opens his eyes and he is drinking quite a bit. He keeps falling asleep and we tap him to wake him up.
    Here is his head after we stitched it.

    He has a sore open wound on his wing as well and we are unable to stitch it because it's very exposed and he dosen't stay still.
    We gave him 1 cup of water with some sugar in it. We were told this would give him some energy, but we werent sure if it was ok for him.
    Should we be keeping him awake?

    Is there anything else we should do to help him?
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  2. Quote:GIve him antiobiotic and treat the infected area with antiobiotic as well. Give him some electolytes and vitamins to replenish his system. Don't worry if he doesn't eat for a day or too, just keep him hydrated and keep him seperated and let him rest. He needs to rest to get his strength and fight off any infections. You can cover the wounds with a sterile gauze pad and vet wrap if he picks at them, but if not, just keep him as clean as possible.
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    Agree with Slater. Slather that wound with neosporin (or something like it) and let him stay someplace warm, quiet, and dim. If you can keep from wrapping it, that's best, as it will scab faster in open air.

    The only reason to keep him awake is if you suspect concussion, which in this case is unlikely. However, cheeps are still flock animals even when sick or injured and they benefit from knowing there are others around so don't seclude him entirely from all activity. Someplace where he can perhaps still hear the others or you and whoever else is there with you may let him sleep easier. And you can let him sleep, it will certainly relieve some of the stress of the day, poor little guy.

    Just check him often and reapply neosporin as needed. Best of luck to him!

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