Baby silkies shaking thier heads


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12 Years
Jul 31, 2007
i have been raising chickens for 5-6 years now,and i never noticed this before,when my chicks are all laying down under the heat lamp,they all constantly shake their heads? they are all healthy,and eating great,what could it be?
My little Frizzle is doing this, too. I was thinking maybe it was the pin feathers on his head bothering him, because he'll shake his head a few times and scratch. There's no sign of bugs of any kind. Anyone else have an idea?
Mine did this real bad when I put in some alfalfa type hay, think it may have been molded, don't know for sure. It took about a week for it to slow down and now has pretty much stopped. I thought it was sick but if it was it sure came out fine.
No, not tremors; it's like a dog shaking its head when it has an itchy ear or something - hope that makes sense... My Frizzle will do it and then stop and scratch the side of his face, which makes me lean more toward the pin feathers itching.
Check for lice/ mites. hold them for a while and look for little brown to hay colored long skinny bugs crawling on them.

If so dust them very carefully with a louse powder, but just a little pinch per bird as you dont want them to breathe in the powder...

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