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May 16, 2009
Hello everyone, I have a baby silkie about 1 month old and he/she has a swollen neck do believe it is having croup problems, I noticed this morning and all day I have massaged around and it goes down and when it eats it swells up.I have just tried a mixture of olive oil and food and it gobbled it but its little neck has swollen up again but it feels like air balllon,I have turned him upside down and massaged hoping he would cough it out.I have also mixed acv in its water will this help, I also have terramycin on hand do I need to start using it ??? Any suggestions anyone should have I would appreciate it .
It is normal for the crop to fill up after eating and then go back down. It should be fine. Watch and if the crop doesn't go back down by in the morning or continues to get bigger ~ than post again, maybe with a picture if you can.

The crop is an organ that is exclusive to birds. A crop's main function is to store food. It is like an extra storage tank for the bird. The crop is located at the base of the neck and can be easily seen after a bird has just eaten. If you have chickens, a sure way to tell if a bird is full is to look at the size of the crop. If the crop is large in size the bird is most likely full. If the crop is deflated and has a flat appearance the bird has not eaten yet. The crop continuously supplies small amounts of the food to the stomach.
Food passes from the crop to the stomach. This is the most active part of the digestive system of a chicken. There are two parts to the stomach of a bird. The first part is known as the proventriculus. This is the glandular portion of the stomach. This part secretes digestive juices which break down the food. The proventriculus joins a large muscular portion of the stomach known as the ventriculus, or more commonly known as the gizzard. The gizzard grinds up food even more. The gizzard contains gravel, which works alongside with muscles in grinding up food.​
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The reason I noticed something was wrong she/he was stumbling and the other 17 werent, when I picked up the baby I then noticed its neck,then panic set in, wife says I pay to much attention but when one gets sick she is like a mother hen to them also !! post again in morning.
Not sure about the stumbling part ~ but the crop should be fine as long as it is soft and goes back down. An impacted crop will continue to swell *never going back down* and you will feel a hard lump in it.

Good luck~
Checked the baby this morning, neck looks good but the chick is still staggering at times, I have mixed olive oil in feed thought it was a croup problem, do I need to start vitamins or try some antib. in cause she has a infection somewhere?? I will try anyhing cant stand for the chick to act this way .Thanks for any help you may help.

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