baby squirrels

Me and My mother have raised two. A flying squirrel and a normal squirrel . They both were knocked out of their nests after a bad storm . We raised them from little babies with their eyes still closed. We fed them milk from an eyedropper until they were old enough to eat solid food . Right now we are feeding our flying squirrel bird food and as treats crackers, Cheerios , and peanuts . Ihope this helps !
How old are they when there eyes open, I got 4 just a few minutes ago, just feed them, there eyes are still closed, cute little buggers.
Are you feeding Kitten Milk Replacer? I know there's one other formula you can feed them, but I can't remember what it's called. I've rescued baby gray squirrels as well as a flying squirrel. They gray squirrels get really hyper, but they're fun.
i fed mine kitten replacer ,used a pet bottle they liked to sleep in those real soft fluffy socks ,roll the top down and they would crawl in it and curl up , when they got hungry they would crawl out. janie

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