Baby Turken with Wet Nose & Eyes!!! What illness is this? PICS INCLUDED

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    Mar 17, 2014
    Sooooo I got 4 baby turks in a trade about a week ago. They've been mostly isolated, but it's possible my other birds have been exposed to them during free range time. One of my black and red ones has a wet nose & watery eyes- plus he/she is lethargic now & has started laying down a lot. He laid down in one of the pics actually. It's had "baldness" around it's eyes since I picked it up, but it wasn't showing any symptoms- I just figured it was particularly "ugly" (ever heard of so ugly it's cute? lol) but the past 2 days I've noticed it's eyes a little glossy or wet & it's nostrils are wet & keep getting clogged with debris. I want my little ugly to live. And I don't want my whole flock to show symptoms before I treat them. I'm hoping this isn't Coccidiosis. They are in a storage container brooder on wood shavings on my porch for a few weeks until everyone is big enough for the "chick tractor" to join the my young pullets. I have ages from 6-8 weeks to almost 6 months & then a silky pair that are 1 & 1.5 years old. I want to treat everyone all at once if possible.
    I just need to figure out what to treat for :'( Any & all opinions appreciated. I have some mediciations on hand, I just need to know what to use first so I don't waste time & lose my Little Ugly. Thanks so much!!!


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