Baby turkey gasping hard for breath


6 Years
May 27, 2013
Shelton, Washington
I have a baby turkey 3 weeks old that has been and still is gasping hard for breath for about 4 days now. I don't really hear any chest sounds. Sleeping and chirping alot. Ruffled and sneezing. Kinda seems like his nostrils are closed. Temp inside brooder is 85 as they are getting feathers.
I have been (2 days) giving it Duramycin and tube feeding bird formula with the antibiotic water. The baby is still kinda eating but is getting thin. The poop was watery but looks good today. I do notice that it's legs and feet are cold compared to the others. None of my other turkeys are sick but I am giving the same antibiotic's just in case. I took that one off of white shavings but no change. Any ideas what is wrong? What else can I do?
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