Baby Turkey 'Gulping'? Help!


8 Years
Mar 16, 2011
I'm new to turkeys and am raising two rio grande wild turkeys along with a rhode island red chick. One of the turkeys, or at least I think it's the same one, keeps opening and closing its mouth like it's choking on something or having a hard time breathing when I check on them every day. It makes head motions like it's trying to get something out of its throat. Without being invasive I took a look down its throat the best I could and didn't see anything obstructing its airway, and it's been doing this for a few days now and it's really starting to worry me. I don't think this is related, but when I handed it off to my fiance earlier it also threw up some liquid (I think he just pushed on its crop though). The chicks are only about a week old now, seem to otherwise be in good health, have no other problems that I'm noticing, and came from a reputable feed store. Anyone have experience with this, and/or suggestions? Please and thank you!!


In the Brooder
7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
Fort Worth, TX
My poults and chicks do this sometimes. When I see it I put some chick grit down for them and they usually end up dust bathing in it then manage to actually eat some and they stop. Mine throw up Oma. Rate occasion as well, they can when they drink to fast. I have not had one throw up if I pushed on its crop but I guess it's possible. Good luck! Poults are cute and mine have been pretty friendly!
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