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Hi, sorry I did look and couldn't find this topic specifically. We got some turkey about a week and a half ago. My question is how old should they be before they are in a pen on their own with no heat etc? These guys of mine do have wing feathers and are starting on some other feathers. When I got them they store said they were about 2 weeks old maybe. Just curious.

Thanks in advance.
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Turkeys require the same care as chicks, they need to be fully feathered and weaned off the brooder lamp unless you live in an extremely warm climate.
okay.....they still have a LOT of "fuzz" so I will be patient.

Thanks everyone :)
I actually have my baby chicks in a brooder house outside with a heat lamp and they are doing great. I just put them there a few days ago...they have a little run with fresh air and go in the "house" for the warmth when they want.
Keep us posted. If you have any questions, continue to post. I know that you are excited to get them out in the coop but just be patient and your hard work and patience will pay off when you see your beautiful birds out walking around your yard. :)
I am excited. I can wait though. I really did not think they were old enough yet, was just curious is all. When I was little my mom raised turkey, but you know kids don't pay attention to all those details. Unfortunately she doesn't remember much about it. lol (82 y/o guess it understandable)
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When I started mine, built them a tall covered pen with a 18" roost and a couple high roosts.
If the weather is real bad they'll still go in there but other wise they mostly now like to roost on top of it.
If you've got a run fenced in, let them stay in that til they can fly out and in.
Until they can fly they make easy marks for other critters.
Now, I've never had a problem with black head but it is something turkeys can get from mingling with chickens.
Might want to read up on it.
Wow, turkey grow fast. I think I am gonna fix them a temporary pen this weekend. They are almost the size of a chicken now and it seems they have no more baby fuzz. They can fly too, boy can they.

This is what I slapped together for my turkeys last year. Back door is to a run. Right side isn't under roost for food/water/nest.

Orschilins has garden netting for $15 a roll to put over your run if you want to keep them in. Cheaper than chicken wire but not as durable. Want to make sure your run wire is small enough they can't get thier heads through - critters will bite them off.

Pallet or tractor tire on saw horses make for good roost in the run. Make sure to tie down.

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