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    Hello, i just got 2 turkey babies about 3 weeks ago. They were doing great then the next day, each ones leg was turned. I took them to the vet, they gave them a shot of vitamin A, wrapped leg with vet wrap and said to feed them egg yolks. I just started putting baby vitamins in their water as well. Today the other leg is turned. I tried wrapping the leg with vet wrap, but I'm not doing it correctly. If I take them back to get other leg wrapped, increase their protein along with vitamins, can they heal?
    A vet tech told me turkeys grow so quickly that they can have many injuries, but will keep repairing them self during this age. I am so worried, these guys/girls are my babies.
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    Are they heritage or broad breasted? You vet iscontradicting themselves, if their legs are twisting from growing too fast than a lower protein would slow down growth, where a higher protein would make it worse.

    I would guess you have broad breasted poults which can have leg problems.

    Turkeys can suffer from rickets and perosis, or slipped tendons. Both are from various vitamin deficiencies.

    Manganese it's said, can correct perosis if given early in the feed as symptoms show. I haven't personally dealt with it, so it's just what I read.

    What are you feeding? Oftentimes feeds for turkeys can be stale because it doesn't move off the shelf as quickly as other feeds. Using a fresh ration is important as vitamins break down pretty quickly in rations.

    If your birds don't improve after treatment it's recommended to cull them unfortunately.

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