Baby white leghorn BROKEN WING help!!

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    Sep 19, 2010
    hello again, need your expert help. i have a baby (probably on 5 months or so old) white leghorn (im pretty sure its a hen, but i dont know just yet). today when i picked her/him up, i noticed her passengers side wing was kinda floppy. after closer inspection i beleive the whole "wing bone" is snapped, just past the joint. this seems like a hard fix, but i want to take care of it imidiatly. Bassicly the whole wing is detached, and just hanging by skin, but she does keep it up and off the ground. she's moving around, but just isnt beeing her/himself.

    any ideas on how to fix this if its even poissible? i've read you can gauze bandage the wing up, in its normal position, and after 2 weeks it will pretty much heal. is this true? or does it only apply to injuries directly on the wing rather then the bone? And what should i do? i feel as if the bone will eventually poke trough the skin....i really dont want that to happen. also it says to seperate the chicken, but keep them in range of the flock. my white leghorn "boo-boo" , stays outside of the chicken run, and wonders the yard with my 2 ducks, but they always stay near the chicken run. will that be fine? or do i have to keep him/her from walking, moving etc. is there any type of medication i should give her?

    any help is muchhh appreciated.
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    Not an expert by any means but I've taped up some broken wings with vet wrap. Did bone break through the skin? Otherwise, I've just folded the wing in a natural way against the body and wrapped it (wrapped over the bad wing then around the body but under the good wing leaving that one free to move) and let it mend for a couple of weeks. It mends frozen in that position but they've always mended. Maybe others will have better advice.

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