baby yellow duck with a afro puff


9 Years
Apr 23, 2010
Waco, TX
Took the kids to atwoods and let them pick out 3 baby ducks not sure what breed as it wasn't posted. One of the three has a little afro puff on the crown of its head...what is it? Also if anybody knows what kinda duck atwoods carries that would be cool too. Thanks
A fuzzy yellow duckling sounds like a Pekin and one with a puff on the head sounds like a Crested Pekin. There are pros and cons to it. some get really big and others don't, some need trimming and some you don't want to touch. If you search it there are lots of people that have them. I think they are really cute but I've hit my limit for ducks this season.
I have Pekins and half are crested. My female is non crested but my drake is... I incubate their babies trying to breed crestedness out but so far I have gotten half ducklings with crests and half uncrested... crested or not...Pekins are just nuts!

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