Babydoll Southdowns? need general sheep advice.

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    Hey everyone, I sent my deposit to a breeder for two Babydoll Southdown lambs. They will be coming home in May. I have one acre of good pasture. I plan to divide this so I can rotate them around. Anyway I am a little nervous because these will be my first sheep ever. It is harder to find info on sheep than it is on chickens. So is there any advice you would give a newbie before I begin building an area for them. Especially interested in advice about guardian dogs. Are they as helpful as they seem. Do I need to lock the babies up at night if I don't have a dog? I live in a small town, rural but with close neighbors on both sides. Will the coyotes come into my neighborhood?

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    Check out Backyard Herds (link at bottom of page). I would go to TSC and get any books or magazines you can find on the subject. Coyotes can live just about anywhere, even in urban areas (abandoned areas of Detroit for example) so they will be something to consider. A donkey or llama may be helpful too.

    Congrats! I've always wanted sheep
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    Get the book "Raising Sheep the Modern Way" or any other sheep books you can find. There aren't coyotes in our area, but I've never had a guardian animal. It really depends on your fencing, set up, location, etc. And talk to your breeder about your questions. He/She's probably the best resource because he's already raising sheep!
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    Sheep are very vulnerable to predation. If there is any chance, ANY CHANCE that a predator of any kind can get into your yard, you must lock them up at night. You can build a small shed with a door you can shut at night. Save yourself heartache & trouble and pen those sheep up.

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    Thanks guys.
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    Do you know of anyone that has sheep in your area? They would be a good source for the name of a vet and shearer. We use the moveable electric mesh fence from Premier. It makes rotating their grazing area a lot easier. Keep in mind that you need a stronger fence charger for sheep...

    Enjoy your sheep! Those Babydolls are sooo cute.
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    Babydolls are wonderful sheep such great teddybears ha ha) I have 8 at the moment. only two ewes though as I happen to like giving homes to nutered males. If you get a gaurdian dog be sure to have it trained. we got a merrma who tortures our sheep. I am looking for a way to train him not to or I am going to have to get rid of him. Be sure to only buy feed for sheep as they are copper sensative. Find a vet and sherrer BEFORE you bring them home. I didn't and ended up hand sherring them the first year. NEVER again ha ha ha. The vet is also important because it can make or break an emergancy (when I got my first second ewe she was traumatized and went down hill fast. When I got her to the vet the vet wanted yo put her down I refused and later that say she miscarried twins. The same ewe later had another ewe and the vet (different vet in the same practice) said it was nothing that lamb later died no reason why other then lack of a vitiman) also be aware that there is a difference in old english babydoll southdown and just babydoll southdowns the old english are smaller. I would also suggest joining a babydoll group on yahoo or something like that they have been more help than anyone. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. I've not learned everything but the last 3 years have taught me alot! Crystal

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