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Apr 24, 2009
I just got my first job as a babysitter and the ages of the three are 5, 3, and 1. They aren't absolutely horrible it's just my very first job and I have babysat for them a few times and now I have to every Wednesday and sometimes I have to do it twice a week like next week. I'm not complaining...... I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas or opinions on how to make it go smoother and maybe so they will obey me a little better.
Don't get me wrong though I do like bringing in a few extra dollars.
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My now 14 year old daughter has been looking after 2 boys after school a few afternoons a week for over a year now - they are pretty goos kids and aged 9 and 10 and only live two doors up from us. She also looks after them all day Mon - Fri during school holidays. The boys are fairly easy- they mostly watch TV- play computer games or do homework. Sometimes I go over and take them to a park to kick a ball around and play cricket.

Older kids are certainly easier - I used to be a Family Day Carer when my daughter was a baby - I had a houseful of kids all day and keeping them all occupied wasnt always easy.
Rewarding good behaviour is a good place to start... IE: Pack away that toy where it belongs and I will read you a story. I also used to make sure I always did what I wanted them to do with them.. More like ..."Come on we are ALL going to do put away all of those books together now..Who is going to hand me that book over there to put on the shelf ?".. It will of course be easier with the older two...
I did a lot of crafts with my kids and whomever I was sitting for.Adjusted to meet the age needs. I also was watchful of the foods they ate since some ingredients can make kids hype up. I set up a loose routine of when we eat,play,clean up,get ready for bed.
Break out your imagination... the five year old MIGHT be able to occupy him/herself for a bit, but not too long. The 1 & 3 are all on you for entertainment. 3yo can do some things the 5yo can... IE crayons... so that can help... for the 1 year old... hehe... better buff up your peekaboo. Our DS and DD are four years apart... so I get that, I can't imagine having a 3yo thrown in the mix. Watch them like hawks if you do give them crayons... that's a bugger to get off walls. Of course, not near as hard as getting red lipstick out of the carpet... DS just had a blast 'coloring' when he was two. Oh man, it's a wonder I've got even this small amount of sanity left.

Best of Luck!
Bring some coloring books and crayons or washable markers. Stickers from the dollar store work too. That'll keep them occupied for a good while. Just make sure you don't leave them alone with the markers or crayons!

Im only 13 turning 14 and I have to babysit my two girls cousins next week everyday they are 8 and 5 1/2. I usually take them outside and play games with them, they love to run in that HOT sun!!!!!LOL! You could ask them what movie they want to watch or even take them to the park. I usually tell them i'll give them ice cream if they behave the entire day and don't fuss with me or each other. That usually works!! I know this sounds CRAZY but I will straighten their hair for them during the day and that usually gets them excited. They will fuss and say "I am first, im older" and stuff in that line of fire. They also LOVE to play teacher and write on my white board!! They color, ill do their nails and all kinds of beauty stuff like that. Course it helps that theyare girls and i know what girls like to do so..... If anyone else has some ideas please help ME and the author of this post!!!!!!!1
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At those ages, go to the dollar store and get some watercolor paints. My kids LOVE painting coloring pages or even paper plates. I found that glue is way too messy, but even that 1 year old could be painting as well. Sometimes I'll get the posterboard (3for $1) at the dollar store and they're busy for hours.....literally. Of course you could always ask the parents to get the paints for you, which is what I would do. By explaining to them what you plan on doing, they probably would be all for it.

For activities where you're trying to keep the 3 and 1 year old more occupied, you can also keep the 5 year old occupied by letting them play the "adult" role and instructing them how to show the two others how to do things.

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