Back again... chicks slightly older so may be more acurate?


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May 14, 2011
OK so the chicks are slightly older now....
the two light sussex are 5wks 5days old and the other 3 (aruacana, barred rock and Hyline) are 6wks 2days. The Barred rock is still alot smaller than the rest?? and with the two sussex one has a tail one does (as you will see)








I like your answer lol.... what would cause one light sussex to get a tail before the other?
That does stump me, but I dought it has anything to do with gender.. Some do develop faster than others, but the tail-less girl does look odd.. You would think she would have alittle.. Hmmmm I look forward to see what others say about the tail!
I say all hens but the barred rock. Not sure, but it looks a little rooish to me. Maybe the other chickens picked the sussex's tail? Mine did that to one of my BO girls when they were chicks. One day she had a tail, the next it was gone. Made me think I had 2 roos until it came back.
All look like pullets to me so far... however, that amt of white on a hatchery BR might be cause for concern.

And btw, your "araucana" isn't an aracucana. Sorry! I think they sell them with that name because it sounds more exotic than "easter egger", which is what you have. Nonetheless it's a beautiful bird! Maybe it's the pic, but it looks like it has some dark skin going on... maybe there's some silkie in there somewhere?
I went and checked the chick to see what the dark bits were and from what i can see its where the feathers havnt opened yet, it has only just gotten the feathers on its neck and head and down at the base they are still closed tight.... i hope that makes sense for what im trying to say lol, looking at younger photos its whole body done that... so fingers crossed it is a true aruacana

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