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10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Southern Oregon
My Coop
My Coop
Glad to be back on the BYC again as chickenmeadow, raising standard chickens now for larger eggs. Used to be save the favs on the BYC in 2009-2010, had bantam Blue Salmon Faverolles chickens then (I miss those sweeties).

We wanted a fun & docile flock combo of 1 1/2 dozen that would be happy to lay eggs year-round; chose Ameraucanas that lay well here even in the hot months & Black Australorps that lay well here even in the cold months. Have just added a few Speckled Sussex this year & plan for adding Swedish Flower Hens next year.

We live in a forested area of Oregon with a meadow that the chickens live in; they are protected by a closed run with hot wire & a sturdy coop. Plan to add more fencing to safely semi-free range if possible here with all of the beautiful sky & land predators who frequent.

A special thanks to all you BYC'ers for your story & info sharing & support. Best wishes

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