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    Feb 7, 2007
    Northern California
    Got back from my trip to China and thought I would post a few of the pictures of chickens from that part of the world. Since I spent my time in Southern China where it is tropical they were harvesting sugar cane, pineapples, watermelons, papaya, coconuts and bananas while I was there. It was amazing seeing the agricultural area where you will witness water buffaloes tilling the soil and the farmers carrying their hoes working the field the use of cattle pulling carts and wagons, livestock grazing in the vast fields where there is such a variety of produce growing. You will find chickens everywhere in front of shops not far from the road ways all along the houses running loose, going to markets by trucks or on a motor scooter or bicycle in a weaved cage with just enough gap for the chicken to stick its head though, many times I would see people walking down the street carrying a live chicken going home to be their dinner. Another interesting observation I noticed and has been discussed here on BYC was chickens dust bathing in old fire pits. My first photo #1 my wife was telling me were older chickens that were mainly used for nesting (brooding) the second #2 is of some farmers chickens a large rooster and hens #3 a hen and its chicks #4 some ducks #5 woman preparing chicken for a restaurant dinner and # 6 which I though I would include of a Chinese man just in from the ocean with his catch for the day stingrays and shrimp my wife was telling me which I found interesting was once you catch the hen the rooster will follow her in and that the hen is the best eating since she is larger than the rooster which is smaller and has less meat. I had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to going back next year it is such an interesting culture so much different than ours. I did notice this trip that there were more cats as pets most are kept on a rope and not allowed to run loose my wife was telling me one of the best soups there is chicken, snake and cat, definitely things are changing but for most Americans they are not use to eating everything alive and fresh.
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    Barnyard Dawg, thank you so very much for sharing your experiences from your trip to China. The pictures are awesome! [​IMG] Thank you for sharing. Welcome home. [​IMG] I would love to get an opportunity to take a trip like that someday.
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    Barnyard Dawg...Wow, those are great pics! Thank you so very much for shareing your trip with us. What a great experience it must have been for you and your wife.
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    Fascinating and interesting observations. Great photos, thank you so much for posting. Glad you had a good experience and are planning a return trip.
    Welcome back! [​IMG]
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    Hi Barnyard Dawg! Welcome back; we missed you! [​IMG]
    Love those pictures.
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    Nice pics...thanks for sharing...
    I'd go for cat before snake though...
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    Great! Thanks so much for sharing. Do you have the rest of your China trip pictures posted somewhere? I would love to see them. Hubby & I were in Bejing and also where the lifesize army was excavated (forgot name of town) in 1999, I believe.
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    Mar 7, 2007
    The animals in the guys basket are horseshoe crabs, not stingrays. I can't believe they eat them. there's nothing to them, just shell. Nice looking chickens.
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    Quote:You are certainly right goddinfla I guess they are common along the east coast I had thought they belonged to the stringray family but are in a class of their own. You won't believe what they eat there it is what they don't is what I want to know.[​IMG]
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