Back from Costa Rica - chickens everywhere!

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    Hi all,
    We got back from our vacation in Playa Herradura, Costa Rica. Everyone had chickens! They would be in the road, seemingly unaware of traffic zipping by or dogs running around.

    I had a lady come in and watch my barnyard for the week. I was (still am) distressed that my female turkey, Jen, and my black Polish, Sanjay, are missing. No sign of struggle anywhere. Sanjay was the shyest of them all. She was always the first one back to roost at night. My turkeys are pretty big. I don't know what could have gotten them. I almost wonder if a human stole them. All the other poulty look fine. Here's a couple of pictures.

    If interested, here's the Webshots link with the pictures of the whole vacation:



    Dogs were everywhere:

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    May 27, 2007
    St Augustine, FL

    Those are some great pictures! What a paradise. How did you find that hotel? It's magnificent. I've heard that there is an abundance of wild-life there. Costa Rica is on my list of places to go now. Did you snorkel or scuba? How was it?

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